BailaMar Bachata Camp - it is an international dance tour to the Dominican Republic with a team spirit. Where people live, learn authentic Dominican bachata, relax and party all together and communicate non-stop! Even coming alone you will find here a lot of friends!


Bachata Camp, in comparison with a dance festival, is a personalized type of learning. Each bachata tour has a limit of 15 people in a group, so by the end of the course you can achieve the best results. Your teachers will know you by name, they will control your progress, correct your mistakes and answer your questions. No matter which level you have at the beginning of the retreat, you will notice your personal progress by the end.  


In addition to the usual bachata classes you will also get merengue and bolero, upgrade your body and flexibility, and learn how to listen and understand the music. We’ll discover each instrument, so you can feel and understand rhythm and melody and use it in your dance.


Aside from Dominican teachers, the group will be under the care of a couple of experienced international instructors, who will attend each lesson, supervise you during self-training hours and will lead you during your Dominican immersion.

Bachata autentic experience in Dominican Republic
Learn Bachata in Dominican Republic

in the Dominican Republic

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