Our BailaMar Camp teachers

Alexander Yumashev & Maria Kozlovskaya

Founders, organizers and instructors of  BailaMar Bachata Camp. Since 2012 spend most of their time in Dominican Republic investigating and structuring its culture, music and dance. During their stay there they created their own style and methodology of teaching bachata.

Edwin Ferreras & Dakota Romero

Ones of the most internationally known Dominican bachata teachers. They visited whole world with classes. Excelent teachers, they will  open doors into the Dominican dance and music culture for you.

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo young, but already famous dance instructor. He has the reputation of good teachers attentive to every student. 

Rodolfo Montaño Castro

Rodolfo is a famous Dominican bachata dancer. He is the winner of three major dance competitions organized by channels Telemicro, 9x9 Roberto and La Maquinaria. Introduces authentic Dominican bachata style in many bachata and salsa congresses held in the Dominican Republic.

Maquiol David Rodriguez

Maquiol is a young and interesting dance instructor. He was born and grew up in the central part of the Dominican Republic. He was always interested in Bonao style of bachata dancing and spent a lot of time exploring it. Now he is ready to share his experience with you at BailaMar Bachata Camp. 

Nanda Castillo

Beautiful Nanda was born in Chile, but all he life lived in Brussels. She is one of the leading promoters of Dominican style bachata in Europe. Now she spends a lot of time in the Dominican Republic working with the kids from Dream Project bachata academy. Her classes at BailaMar Bachata Camp will be full of interesting footworks and bodymovements. 

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